Do you want to be a CMGCoin Promoter?

Anyone who wants to join as a CMGCoin promoter has the opportunity to generate large profits from their sales during the CMGCoin presale phase. In order to be a CMGCoin promoter, a series of requirements must be met, which we will see below:

  • Personal purchase at least 100 CMG
  • Refer sales at least 5000 CMG

The benefits of being a promoter are great, we have direct profits from sales and profits to the best promoters during the presale phase. Below are the earnings to receive:

  • For personal sales 15% bonus
  • First promoter 15% bonus
  • Second promoter 10% bonus
  • Third promoter 5% bonus

* Both types of earnings are complementary, that is to say that every promoter has their earnings from their direct sales, apart from the three best promoters at the end of the presale phase they will have an additional percentage.

** All profits generated by the promoters will be credited to their wallets immediately after the pre-sale phase.